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Course No. EE924
Title Multiple Access Techniques for 5G Wireless Networks and Beyond
Author Mojtaba Vaezi, Zhiguo Ding and H. Vincent Poor
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  • Includes orthogonal and non-orthogonal waveforms for 5G new radio and beyond: CP-OFDM, UF-OFDM, f-OFDM, WOLA, FBMC, and GFDM

  • Features NOMA via the power domain (fundamentals, clustering, power allocation, experimental trials, etc.) and the code and other domains (SCMA, IDMA, LDS-CDMA, PDMA, IGMA, RSMA, and RDMA)

  • Outlines random access techniques (CSMA, CSMA/CD, ALOHA, slotted ALOHA, and LoRa), applications and use cases of 5G networks (eMBB, URLLC, mMTC, IoT, and V2V), as well as challenges and future directions in multiple access, random access, and waveform design

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