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Course No. MSE671A
Title Principles of Heat Treatment of Steel
Author R C Sharma
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Heat treatment of steels as an art to improve their service performance has been practised ever since it started to be used as tools and weapons. Earlier books on heat treatment of steels mainly emphasised the art and the empirically arrived principles of heat treatment. In the last few decades, our understanding of phase transformations and mechanical behaviour of steels, and consequently of heat treatment of steels, has considerably increased.In this book on ‘Principles of Heat Treatment of Steels’ the emphasis is on the scientific principles behind the various heat treatment processes of steels. Though it is expected that the reader has sufficient background in phase transformations and mechanical behaviour of materials, first few chapters review these topics with specific reference to steels. Basic principles of various heat treatment processes of steels including surface hardening processes, are then covered in sufficient detail to give a good overall understanding of these processes. The detail engineering aspects are, however, omitted. These are easily available in various handbooks on heat treatment. The book also covers heat treatment of tool steels and cast irons.The book has been well written and can be used as a textbook on Heat Treatment for undergraduate students. It is also a good reference book for teachers and researchers in this area and engineers in the industry.

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