• Borrowing privileges are given only to the Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Research scholars, Staff and Students those who are registered in the library.
  • Books can be issued only against ID-Card issued by the IIT Kanpur to the borrowers.
  • The ID-Card are non-transferable and their loss should be immediately reported to the library.
  • Reference books, Text books, unbound issues of journals, Periodicals, news papers and technical reports will not be issued out of the library to anybody.
  • Books and materials kept on Reserve Section (Text books) will be issued only for 2 hours and re-issued it before due period.
  • The issue of library materials will be stopped at 9 P.M. on Monday to Friday, and at 4.00 P.M. on Saturday (No issue and return on Sunday & Institute holidays).


  •  Faculty, Academic staff                         20 Books                     180 Days
  •  Ph.D. Students                                       15 Books                       30  Days
  • PG Students, Group A & B Staff           10 Books                       30 Days
  • UG Students & Group C & D Staff       10 Books                       14 Days
  • Superannuated Faculty                           05 Books                       90 Days
  • Alumni Membership                              05 Books                       30 Days

 Overdue Charges:      Rs.1 per book/day

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