Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Ques. 1 What are the general Rules and Guidelines of the Library? 

 Ans. Please Click here to know more details.

 Ques. 2 How can I become member of the Library? 

Ans. There is no form is required to become Library Member. New Member details will be added in the Library database once your academic registration is done. Library registration/renewal has to be done for every semester during academic registration.

Ques. 3 Is there any separate Library Card will be issued for using the Library?

Ans. There is no separate card issued for members to use the Library. Institute Identity card (I-card) is sufficient to enter the Library and for referring the collections. Bonafide members only will have borrowing privileges.

Ques. 4 How do I search Library collection/resources?

Ans.Library is automated and the collections are searchable through Online Catalog .

Ques. 5 How many books can I borrow? 

Ans. Pl. click here to know the borrowing privileges. 

Ques. 6 Can I borrow books by sending I-card through someone? 

Ans. No. The borrower has to come and get it issued after signing in the book card.

Ques. 7 Can I renew issued book(s) Online? 

Ans. Yes. An email communication will be sent to you before the due date for online renewal subject to the reservation against the book and max. Limit.  If you get a maximum renewal reached, particular book must be physically brought to the Library for re-issue.

Ques. 8 How do I reserve Book(s)? 

Ans. Issued books can be reserved online subject to the maximum limit. (Click here) to reserve a book.

Ques. 9 How do I recommend a book for purchase in the Library? 

Ans. Please contact your Department Library Convener.

Ques. 10 I have lost Library Book. What is the procedure for clearance? 

Ans. Replacement: You can replace the exact version in terms of edition, pages of the Book Lost. Repayment: Please download (PDF) (DOC) and send us filled form. 

Ques. 11  How do I recommend subscription to a new journal in the Library?  

Ans. Please contact Department Library Convener.

Ques. 12 Can I bring my dependent to use the Library on regular? 

Ans. Library encourages and permits who is involved in academic research activity. A nominal charges are applicable to use this facility. For more details please contact the Librarian.

Ques. 13. I am going on academic Leave or temporarily withdrawing semester. Do I need to return the books which I borrowed?

Ans. Yes. Library may recall the document for any purpose. It is recommended to return all the books before proceeding on long Leave for optimum use of the Library resources by all.

Ques. 14 How do I access E-resources subscribed by the Library? Do I need any separate login/password? 

Ans. Most of the E-resources are accessible through IP authenticated within the campus. However instructions are given for accessing particular E-resources. You may also contact the concerned I/c or the Librarian to know more details.

Ques. 15 Can I access E-resources during Off-Campus?

Ans. Yes. E-resources can be accessible through SSL-VPN .

Ques. 16 How do I get my clearance from the Library?

Ans. You can apply for online nodues through DOAA website. Library will mention the dues if any in the online form. Dues have to be paid in the accounts and submit the receipt in the Library Circulation Division for getting final online clearance from the Library.

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