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Course No. PHY552A, PHY681, PHY553A
Title Introduction to Advanced Electrodynamics
Author Bhattacharya, Kaushik;Mukhopadhyay, Soumik
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This book summarizes the basics of electricity and magnetism prior to covariant formulation of Maxwell's equations. The book works out the basics of special relativity and then applies the covariant formalism to understand radiation, both in vacuum and in material medium. The emphasis is on cleaner mathematical formalism based on experimental facts. The book contains many problems/exercises which will help the students to understand the basics of the subject. The difference between the present book with existing books of this level lies in the presentation of the topics and the subjects chosen. Instead of presenting a lot of material related to electromagnetism, it presents some very important but selected problems of advanced electromagnetism to students who are learning it for the first time. This book is aimed at graduate/advanced graduate students who have done at least one basic level course in electricity and magnetism.

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