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Course No. EE340A
Title Engineering Electromagnetics | Ninth Edition (SIE)
Author W H Hayt Jr , J A Buck and M Jaleel Akhtar
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Engineering electromagnetics is a classic book that provides a comprehensive discussion on core concepts of the subject area. It follows an application-based approach, by supporting theoretical concepts with numerous solved examples and illustrations. This adapted edition focuses on enhancing the Electrostatics portion and adding more solved examples. With all its careful revisions, the book is now a more useful resource for students of electrical Engineering as well as electronics and Communication Engineering.<Salient features:1. In-depth coverage of Electrostatics and Magnetostatics portions2. A new br>Chapter on electromagnetic radiation and antennas3. A focused br>Chapter on transmission lines4. Enhanced discussion on topics like vector analysis, properties of dielectric materials, interpretation of Maxwell equations, etc

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