Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

P K Kelkar Library

P K Kelkar Library Subscribe to large number of  e-resources (journals, databases, books etc.) Access of  every resource being made available to PK Kelkar Library IIT  is governed by license agreements and copyrights. The terms and conditions for using these resources are clearly spelled out in every license agreement that is signed with each publisher by the Library. These resources are meant to be used by Institute faculty, students, staff and onsite visitors for the purpose of academic and research purpose. So while accessing these resources, users are requested to adhere to the following terms:

Guidelines for Fair Use of Subscribed e-Resources at IIT Kanpur

  • Systematic downloading of Subscribed E-Resources is strictly prohibited.
  • Subscribed E-Resources made available by the PKKL Library, IIT Kanpur are for academic use.
  • Use of robots, spiders or intelligent agents to access, search and/or systematically download from these resources is also prohibited.


User Undertaking for E-Resources:

I understand the policy outlined above and undertake to abide by it. I understand that any violation of the policy will result in loss of my library privileges and/or other action as deemed appropriate by the Institute.