Acquisition division (Books & Periodicals)

The Acquisition section of the library deals with the acquisition of books, ebooks, and e-journals for the library and makes them available for users at the earliest after the recommendation. 

1. The section is responsible for cataloguing, tooling, and RFID tagging of print books and for the update and maintenance and renewal of ebook and ejournal records and their availability and accessibility to users.

2. The library acquires books through approved vendors.

3. To recommend the book, faculty and staff members can fill out and sign the indent form that should also be signed by the DLC, or the acting DLC, or the HOD, or the acting HOD.

Book Recommendation

Library acquires books through approved vendors and non approval books by placing orders. The faculty and staff members can fill and sign the indent form. The form should also be signed by the DLC, or the acting DLC, or the HOD, or the acting HOD. In the indent form, title, author, publisher, edition, year of publication, no. of copies etc. will be mentioned besides the nature of the book whether text books/ general/references, etc.  

For text books, the number of students enrolled is mentioned along with the name of the course and course number.
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Name Download
Indent (Book)   (PDF)
Online Purchase    (PDF)
Approved vendors 2024-25   (PDF)
Book Purchase Verification (PostDoc)   (PDF)
Journal Usage Statistics (2020-2022)
Books Usage Statistics
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Acquisition [Books ]

Acquisitions Books is responsible for acquiring books & non-print materials (e-books) for the PK Kelkar Library.

Acquisition [Periodical ]

Periodical Acquisitions is responsible for acquiring journals, e-journals, electronic resources, including databases,  for the PK Kelkar Library.

Technical Processing

Main responsibility of this section is to classify and catalogue the reading materials and RFID Processing.


Dr. Sushanta Kumar Pathy
Assistant Librarian

I/c Acquisition Unit & Maintenance
(Books, journals & databases)

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