Automation Division

The Automation division is responsible for managing and maintaining the Koha ILMS (Integrated Library Management System), DSpace (Theses Repository), RFID system, (Circulation of books and security purposes), Website (Library, Intranet & Archives), and Networking Management.

This division performs the following functions:

  • Development of an automated web service for in-house operations of the library.
  • Giving users Web-based access to bibliographic and full-text databases.
  • Maintaining library web servers.
  • Providing access to literature in different formats, e.g., CDROM, Internet resources, databases, etc.,
  • Servers and networking management.
  • Development of the library website and providing services through it.
  • Troubleshooting of various technical issues.

☛ RFID Services

The P K Kelkar has been using RFID technology since March, 2020 with the following Add-ons

  • Self-check-out of books
  • Self-check-in (book drop box)
  • Control theft
  • Security control
  • Video surveillance
  • Footfall counter, etc

☛ Koha ILMS (Integrated Library Management System)

☛ Institutional Repository (IR)

☛ IRINS- IIT Kanpur Faculty Research Profiling System

☛ Library Main Website

☛ Archives Website

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