Automation Division

The Automation Division oversees the management and maintenance of the library's critical technological systems. This includes:

  • Koha ILMS (Integrated Library Management System): The core software platform for managing library operations.
  • DSpace (Theses Repository): A platform for storing, managing, and preserving the library's collection of theses and dissertations.
  • RFID System: Facilitates efficient circulation of books and enhances security measures.
  • Website Development (Library, Intranet & Archives): Manages the design and functionality of the library's online presence.
  • Networking Management: Ensures the seamless operation of the library's network infrastructure.

This division performs the following functions:

Systems Development and Implementation

  • Develops automated web services to streamline internal library operations.
  • Provides and maintains web-based access to bibliographic and full-text databases for library users.

Resource Management and Access

  • Oversees the maintenance of library web servers.
  • Facilitates access to literature across diverse formats (CD-ROM, internet resources, databases, etc.).
  • Manages servers and networking infrastructure for optimal performance.

Website and User Support

  • Develops and manages the library website, ensuring the delivery of online services.
  • Provides technical troubleshooting support to resolve user issues.

☛ RFID Services

The P.K. Kelkar Library has been using RFID technology since March 2020 with the following enhancements:

  • Self-return of books from kiosks
  • Self-return of books via book drop boxes
  • Theft prevention
  • Security control
  • Video surveillance
  • Footfall counting, etc

☛ Koha ILMS (Integrated Library Management System)

  • The core platform for managing library operations. View

☛ Institutional Repository (IR)

  • A digital archive for preserving and disseminating scholarly output. View

☛ IRINS- IIT Kanpur Faculty Research Profiling System

  • A system dedicated to showcasing the research expertise of IIT Kanpur faculty. View

☛ Library Main Website

  • The primary online portal for library information and services. View

☛ Archives Website

  • A dedicated website for accessing historical materials and archival collections.
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