Book Drop Box

BookDrop Box

P. K. Kelkar Library features two RFID-based book drop boxes. One book drop box is available near the library entrance, and the second box is positioned near the new arrivals of books. Users can return their checked-out books to the library via the drop box. This service is accessible even when the library is closed, providing 24x7 access. Users will be notified through email and SMS alerts upon successful book returns.

Book drop rules

  • All returned books are subject to the library's checking. Users are responsible for any loss.
  • You will receive an email for every return transaction on your institute email ID and an SMS alert on your registered mobile number.
  • A print receipt will be issued at the dropbox; keep it for your records.

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How to Return

Step 1: Place the book on the return pad and then select Check-In.
Step 2: Wait for processing. After that, select "Check in" the item.
STEP 3: Select Print Receipt/No Receipt/Email.


Contact the library help desk for any help in using the self-issue/renew kiosk. 
Email Phone No           0512 2597223